Why Custom Orthotics Win Out Over Store-Bought

When it comes to chronic foot or ankle pain—such as the type that might greet you each morning with a jolt as soon as you put your feet on the floor—the goal of treatment is to provide lasting relief. In many situations, orthotics are an invaluable tool for providing...

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Why the Right Shoe Matters

For some activities, nobody ever skimps on having the right equipment for the job. Like, say, skydiving, for example! Nobody ever boards a plane to go up thinking, “Well, I was in a rush so I just grabbed that parachute from the back of the closet. Should be fine!”...

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Reasons Why You Keep Getting Ingrown Toenails

You know what they say: “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three times, maybe there isn’t really so much ‘fooling’ going on as a systemic problem that we really should investigate.” OK, so we modified the saying a bit, but it rings true...

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Don’t Stumble Over These Heel Pain Myths

If there is something that affects a lot of people, you will be able to find plenty of myths and misinformation circulating about it! That is often the nature of collective thought, and our ability to spread stuff over the Internet at the speed of light has not helped...

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A Future Free of Fungal Nails Starts NOW!

It’s always good to have something to look forward to in the future. Maybe you have a vacation on the warm sands of The Bahamas coming up, or your big wedding day is approaching! (Or maybe you’re going to spend a day at Lake Michigan or a few nights out on the town....

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How to Heal Common Sports Injuries

Maybe you were dribbling down the court towards the hoop, or maybe you were swinging for a home run when suddenly you felt that pain in your ankle or your foot. Here at Waukesha Foot Specialists, we understand that getting hurt – especially when doing the sport you...

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Easy Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

You train hard to do the sports and activities you love. Maybe you’re a student at Waukesha North, South, or West schools. Maybe you’re taking on your personal bests independently. Either way, you want your efforts to pay off! That’s why a sports injury can be so...

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