A Future Free of Fungal Nails Starts NOW!

It’s always good to have something to look forward to in the future. Maybe you have a vacation on the warm sands of The Bahamas coming up, or your big wedding day is approaching! (Or maybe you’re going to spend a day at Lake Michigan or a few nights out on the town....

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How to Heal Common Sports Injuries

Maybe you were dribbling down the court towards the hoop, or maybe you were swinging for a home run when suddenly you felt that pain in your ankle or your foot. Here at Waukesha Foot Specialists, we understand that getting hurt – especially when doing the sport you...

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Easy Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

You train hard to do the sports and activities you love. Maybe you’re a student at Waukesha North, South, or West schools. Maybe you’re taking on your personal bests independently. Either way, you want your efforts to pay off! That’s why a sports injury can be so...

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Your Foot-Friendly Winter Boot Checklist

It’s never too early or late to think about having a good pair of winter boots handy. Even when snow has been missing for weeks, a good number of inches can suddenly show up any morning. If your current boots are looking worse for wear, you should definitely consider...

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Don’t Let Ingrown Toenails Ruin Sandal Time

Perhaps citizens down in Florida, Texas, and Arizona cities might take warm weather for granted, but in Southeastern Wisconsin we only get a couple months of warmth every year. And for our summer months, it’s only natural you want to enjoy everything the season has to...

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Milwaukee Summer Fun (and Foot Care Tips!)

There are plenty of opportunities to have fun in town this summer, but today let’s focus on some Milwaukee activities you might want to participate in or check out with friends and family. Naturally, any conversation about summer fun in Milwaukee has to start with...

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