How do Orthotics Help with Foot Pain?

by | Dec 22, 2017

Custom orthotics, you may have heard, are one of the best tools in a podiatrist’s toolkit when it comes to relieving foot pain. But have you ever wondered why? What makes orthotics so good at what they do? Why do they work?

The answer actually depends a bit on what type of orthotics you have and what they’re meant to do. For example, some orthotics are “functional” (meaning that they actually change the way your feet function) while others are “accommodative” (meaning they don’t change your foot mechanics, but they do stop them from hurting you). The versatility of different types and materials allow a trained foot specialist to prescribe just the right set of orthotics for you.

Some of the mechanisms that different orthotics use to relieve foot pain include:

  • Cushioning. Soft orthotics made from flexible materials like foam, gel, or cork help reduce the force load on your feet. Think of them like shock absorbers. Your orthotics take the brunt of the impact, instead of the ligaments, bones, and joints of the feet.
  • Supporting. Many orthotics feature arch support, which keeps the arch from collapsing too much with each step, or keeps the heel slightly elevated to reduce strain on the Achilles.
  • Re-aligning. Some orthotics—especially those made from rigid or semi-rigid materials—provide pain relief by helping feet maintain better alignment and posture when standing and walking. They may also restrict abnormal motion, for example preventing too much foot or ankle roll.

As you can see, orthotics are highly precise tools with many ways to help you eliminate your foot pain. If chronic discomfort and injury continue to plague you, please book an appointment with the Waukesha Foot Specialists today for an evaluation and treatment. You can reach us at (262) 544-0700.

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