How disappointing! You found the perfect pair of shoes for the wedding you’re attending, but by the time the dance music starts, you have to sit on the sidelines because a giant blister has formed on your heel. It hurts every time you take a step and you’re tempted to just throw the shoes in the corner and dance in your bare feet! Whenever you find yourself dealing with foot problems like these in the Waukesha area, come and see Drs. David and Amy-Miller Guhl for help.

What Causes These Sores?

There are actually many things that can cause one of these fluid-filled sacs to form. They can be your body’s way to deal with some sort of stress to the skin, or they can indicate the presence of a medical problem. Some of the causes are described here:

Friction – This is probably the most common cause. Short or intense bouts of rubbing will cause these sores, where longer, less intense friction might result in a corn or callus instead.

Burns – Whether from staying out in the sun too long or touching a hot surface, your skin is damaged by too much heat. The tops of your feet can easily burn in the sun without your being aware of it.

Cold – It may seem odd, but severe cold can also cause skin to bubble, as in the case of frostbite, or having a wart frozen. Any time the skin is damaged it may respond by forming this pocket of fluid.

Contact Dermatitis – Your skin may react to certain irritants or have an allergic response to certain substances; common examples are certain ingredients in laundry detergent and plant allergens like poison ivy.

Drugs – One of the reactions to watch for when using a medication for the first time is a rash or welts on the skin. This can occur from topical creams as well as from medications taken orally. Be sure to call Waukesha Foot Specialists if you experience a reaction to any medication used on your feet.

Infections – Remember your mom telling you not to scratch your chicken pox? Itchy, unsightly blisters are a common symptom of many infectious diseases such as cold sores or impetigo.

Injuries – If your foot or toe is hit by a hammer or severely pinched it can form this swelling, and the sac may even be filled with blood instead of pus.

There are auto-immune diseases that can predispose you to developing these sores on the skin. One, Pemphigus vulgaris, can be fatal, so whenever you experience itchy fluid-filled sacs that form a crust after breaking, be sure to have your condition evaluated. Certain genetic factors can also make your skin more tender and susceptible to forming these welts.

How to Treat Them

Your body has developed this way to deal with irritations or stress to your skin, and the fluid sac actually protects the skin from infection. You may be able to just cover it with a bandage and let it heal by itself.  If it is very painful or keeps you from your normal activities, you should call Waukesha Foot Specialists at (262) 544-0700 for an appointment. They can advise on the best treatment, drain the fluid from the sac if necessary, and show you what you can do to prevent friction blisters from occurring. If you are diabetic, it is especially important to consult Drs. David and Amy-Miller Guhl for all of your foot conditions in order to head off more serious complications. Contact us today, or request an appointment on our website.

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