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As your trusted podiatrists, it is our goal to offer you the best services for all of your foot and ankle care needs. Whether you see us for sports injuries in the foot and ankle, a children’s foot condition, heel pain relief, or you need help with a skin or toenail infection, we want to give you an effective treatment plan in a timely manner that keeps you on your feet and pain-free.

To help us give you better, more complete services, we want to hear your feedback. First, you can always let us know how we are doing by giving us a quick phone call if there’s something with which you are concerned. If you’re impressed with our services, you can even leave a testimonial with us.

You can also let other patients know about your experience by leaving a review online. Yelp, Google, Facebook, HealthGrades, and RateMDs are all popular sites that allow you to rate us as doctors and as a practice. Below are links taking you directly to these sites where you can share your thoughts!


To get started leaving a review on Google, click one of the below links. You can leave a review on our practice page, or on the individual listings for Dr. David Guhl or Dr. Amy Miller-Guhl.

Scroll down on the left sitebar and click the button that says “WRITE A REVIEW.” You can just leave a star rating if you wish, but we’d really appreciate it if you would write a few sentences about your experience!


If you have a Facebook account, please click the following link to go directly to our Facebook page. We’d love it if you became a fan and left a review! You do need to be logged in to your personal account in order to have the option of leaving a review.


To leave a review for either of our doctors on RateMDs, click the appropriate link below to get started.

Scroll down a little bit on the page until you see “Rate Dr. David J. Guhl” or “Rate Dr. Amy L. Miller-Guhl. There are four categories that can each be independently rated between one and five stars: Staff, Helpfulness, Punctuality, and Knowledge.

Fill out your rating for each category, and please also leave an additional comment to provide more information about your experience at our office.


To leave a review for either of our doctors on HealthGrades, click the appropriate link below to get started.

Just below the doctor’s information at the top of the page, there is a blue horizontal bar with several buttons. Click “Review this Doctor” to automatically scroll down the page, then click the “Leave a Review” button.

You will then be prompted to complete a short patient satisfaction survey where you can rate the doctor and office experience in a number of areas, as well as leave your comments. You will also need to provide either an e-mail address or mobile phone number so that HealthGrades can send a verification e-mail or text to approve the review.

Signing up

When leaving a review, you may need to be signed into an account associated with each site. Each site is free, so follow the links below if you wish to create an account:

We take everyone’s thoughts and concerns seriously and look forward to reading your reviews! Thank you for helping us as we strive for providing the best service possible.

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