Pain Management

As with all health issues, the treatments necessary to deal with a foot problem are unique to the symptoms and causes of that specific condition.  There are common forms of pain relief that may be viable across a broad spectrum of disorders, but these treatments are less effective overall than the individualistic care you will receive during a visit to our office.

Ankle pain– For pains involving the ankle, many patients utilize a mixture of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy; strengthening the adjacent muscles will provide stability for the joint.  In chronic cases, a corticosteroid can be administered to reduce pain.

Arch pain – This condition usually comes about as a result of pressure being unevenly distributed across the base of the foot.  Pain management attempts to correct the cause of the pain by alleviating the force applied to the arch; shoe inserts and orthotics are most commonly employed for this effect.

Arthritis– To treat the pains associated with arthritis, many patients find comfort in physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs.  Soaking the feet in medicated baths can also help to ease the pain.  Custom orthotics may be recommended for people with severe foot pain.

Ball of the foot pain – There are many conditions that can cause irritation to the ball of the foot; these problems often develop due to a strain on the ligaments and bones of the foot.  In order to correct such biomechanical issues, orthotics and specially designed shoes may be useful in pain management.  If a medication is necessary, Drs. Amy Miller-Guhl or David Guhl will be able to prescribe one best suited to your needs.

Bunions – While bunions can’t be corrected without surgical intervention, there are a variety of ways to get rid of the aches and pains associated with this condition.  Wearing shoes with a large toe box is the most influential factor in reducing discomfort in the big toe joint.  There are also pads that can be used in conjunction with shoe wear to prevent irritation.

Heel pain – This is one of the most common types of foot pain.  Patients with heel pain typically suffer from a condition known as plantar fasciitis, which involves an inflammation of the bottom of the rear foot. There are many ways to diminish these aches; common anti-inflammatory medications, ice packs, physical therapy, and the use of orthotics have all proven effective in treatment.

Metatarsalgia– This is a common condition that afflicts the area of the foot that spans from the arch to the toes.  Since this pain in the ball of the foot is often caused by improper weight distribution and overpronation, specific footwear is the most common diagnosis for pain.  If the condition has progressed far enough, a custom orthotic may be necessary to correct the foot and alleviate pain.

Top of the foot pain – To diagnose the specific reason a patient has pain in the top of their foot, a physical exam is usually necessary to decide the best course of action in treatment.  Until that can be determined, a patient’s pain is often relieved by rest, pain relief medications, and devices that immobilize the foot.

A professional diagnosis is vital to receive the most immediate results in pain management.  Our Waukesha office has extensive experience in the treatment of all foot aches and pains.  Call our office at (262) 544-0700, or schedule an appointment online with Drs. Amy Miller-Guhl or David Guhl.

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