Sports Injuries

The feet of an athlete experience a set of treacherous forces that are very harsh on a patient’s lower extremities. Your feet already withstand the intense pressure of the body’s entire weight when standing still. You can only imagine the increased effects of running, jumping, and twisting of the foot and ankle in sports.

Without a professional knowledge of the effects and treatments for injuries related to individual sports, many patients find themselves at a loss when looking for effective treatments. At Waukesha Foot Specialists we understand the need to get back in the game and off the bench as soon as possible. We are dedicated to your speedy recovery! 

Keeping You on Your Game

Drs. Amy Miller-Guhl and David Guhl know that every sport and activity has a unique impact on the structures in the body. By working with our patients and learning about what’s important to their lifestyle we will be able to determine the best treatment method for them. We prescribe many different remedies for various sports.

  • Running – Most injuries in running are a direct result of overuse, which can often lead to the development of Achilles tendonitis. In most cases, the R.I.C.E. method for rest and conservative treatment is utilized.
  • Soccer – 30% of injuries result from direct collisions between players.  Patients that participate in this activity commonly develop turf toe or ankle fractures.
  • Tennis – Many of these injuries are ankle sprains and strains because of the quick jarring back-and-forth movements involved in tennis
  • Football – With the high intensity training and competition in games, this sport is responsible for a wide variety of foot conditions.

This list shows the wide variety of foot and ankle conditions that can form as a result of participation in sports and excessive activities. In order to receive the best treatment possible for your injury, get a diagnosis from a professional in sports medicine and contact our Waukesha office.

Prevention of Sports Injuries

A large part of what patients can do for sports injuries takes place before they even step on the field.  Individuals should ensure that their athletic gear is suited to the sport they’re involved in by following the correct athletic shoe guidelines. This footwear also needs to be thoroughly maintained.

When the tread or heels wear down on old shoes, they need to be replaced as quickly as possible. Worn out footgear ceases to work properly and can lead to the development of foot problems. To prevent straining the structures in the feet and ankles, patients should make sure that their body can handle the activities they’re doing.

Stretching and cross training are both great ways of conditioning the body for sports. Overuse problems can often be avoided by not training on inclines and uneven surfaces.

Maintaining Proper Biomechanics

Sports can increase the already present abnormalities and deformities that people have before they begin participation.

Many of the treatment methods in sports medicine involve the correction and treatment of biomechanical problems. Orthotics are commonly used to redistribute the pressure put upon the surface of the foot and to ensure that damage to the area is minimized.

Based on your activity in a sport, your foot shape and your lifestyle needs, our office can prescribe an array of specialty shoes and orthotics to provide the best treatment for any foot and ankle problem you might have.

If you’re suffering from a sports injury or need information on sports medicine call Waukesha Foot Specialists at (262) 544-0700, or schedule an appointment online with Drs. Amy Miller-Guhl and David Guhl.